Committee and Meetings

2019 – Water Engineering Divisional Committee




 Segomotso Kelefetswe  Chairman and Council Representative
 Marco van Dijk  Past Chairman
 Thabo Hloele Treasurer
 Debbie BesselingCell: 0749257652


 Technical Divisions Administrator
 Werner Comrie  Committee member
 Francis Gibbons  Committee member
 Dr Lester Goldman  Committee member and WISA CEO
 Vuyani Gxagxama  Committee member
 Ken Haumann  Committee member
 Beyers (Christiaan) Havenga  Committee member
 Dr Chris Herold  Committee member
 Stefan Malan  Committee member
 Prof Mike Muller  Committee member
 Lynesha Pillai  Committee member
 Abri Vermeulen  Committee member
Steve Gillham Corresponding member
 Hugh Hodge  Corresponding  member
 Helgard Muller  Corresponding member
 Yagalan Pather  Corresponding member
 Daniel Reinecke  Corresponding member
 Dr Mike Shand  Corresponding member
 Prof Fanie van Vuuren  Corresponding member
 Wiero Vogelzang  Corresponding member


2017 – Water Engineering Divisional Committee




 Marco van Dijk  Chairperson and Council Representative
 Kevin Pillay  Past Chairperson
 Segomotso Kelefetswe  Vice-Chairperson
 Thabo Hloele  Treasurer
 Debbie BesselingCell: 0749257652


 Lynesha Pillai  Committee member
 Francis Gibbons  Committee member
 Helgard Muller  Committee member
 Stefan Malan  Committee member
 Lester Goldman  Committee member and CEO – WISA
 Ken Haumann  Committee member
 Werner Comrie  Committee member
 Dr Chris Herold  Committee member and 2016 SAICE President
 Gxagxama Vuyani  Committee member
 Yagalan Pather  Committee member
 Prof Fanie van Vuuren  Committee member
 Hugh Hodge  Corresponding member
 Daniel Reinecke  Corresponding member
 Mike Shand  Corresponding member
 Tente Tente  Corresponding member
 Wiero Vogelzang  Corresponding member
 Mike Muller  Corresponding member


2016 – Water Engineering Divisional Committee


Back row: Mike Muller, Marco van Dijk (Chairperson), Francis Gibbons, Helgard Muller, Stefan Malan, Beyers Havenga

Middle row: Steve Gillham, Lester Goldman (CEO – WISA), Ken Haumann, Manglin Pillay (CEO SAICE), Segomotso Kelefetswe (Vice-Chairperson), Werner Comrie and Dr Chris Herold (2016 SAICE President)

Front row: Gxagxama Vuyani and Debbie Besseling (Secretary)

Not present: Kevin Pillay (Past Chairperson), Thabo Hloele (Treasurer), Yagalan Pather and Prof Fanie van Vuuren

Corresponding members: Hugh Hodge, Daniel Reinecke, Mike Shand, Tente Tente, Wiero Vogelzang


2013 – Water Engineering Divisional Committee


From left: Mlindi Makhabane, Secretary, Debbie Besseling, Vice-Chair, Manglin Pillay, SAICE CEO, Francis Gibbons, Chairperson.



Committee meetings

Water Engineering Divisional Committee meetings

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